Morning Star Turquoise/GemTone Arts  (natural/untreated American turquoise )

Welcome to Morning Star Turquoise/GemToneArts

We offer natural/untreated turquoise,variscite,faustite, and a variety of other rock and gem creations.     

   Welcome to GemToneArts!  We offer a variety of natural stone turquoise,faustite,& variscite. Also available for purchase on this site: one of a kind jewelry,cabochons,oil & acrylic paintings,carvings, & music by the artisan Joseph Paul Carruthers. (please see examples below)


             We  offer quality  "natural" (no treatments) turquoise, faustite,& variscite that we purchase from estates and dealers/miners as well as material from our Morning Star Group properties.  

              For those not familiar with faustite, this description should help. Faustite is a rare cousin of turquoise. High in zinc content, which gives it the variable shades of apple green. Though not common in turquoise mines, faustite forms with turquoise in the same rock units & geologic environment. This mostly applies to the mines in northern Nevada. 

As in most rare (semi) precious gems, faustite/turquoise sells at a price which reflects it's rarity. Very beautiful in silver and even better in gold!


   Also at GemToneArts as we mentioned above are works of art by the artisan Joseph Paul Carruthers. Jewelry,paintings, & music too. Joseph also mines & operates 4 of his own properties and uses stones from these mines in his work. Please view the additional pages on this site to see Joseph's creations.


   We plan in the future to keep improving this site making this a fun & interesting place to visit. Using photograph's & video to give you an insight  to the mining,painting,& music process.


   We hope you enjoy viewing our products and creations. We look forward to serving you and your business/artistic needs.  If we can be of further service please contact us.

Morning Star faustite & turquoise (natural stones)
Morning Star natural stone turquoise/faustite
Blue Lightning turquoise
Morning Star turquoise (notice brown w/ blue)
bison skull,turquoise,feathers,glass beads, wool fabric
Fox turquoise, 250 m.y. fossil coral, 14k gold roundels, 1840's white heart beads (handmade necklace)
carving w/ antique 1910 Hudson Bay seed beads,coral,shell,& turquoise
silver pentant w/ Mountain Top turquoise
"Imaginary Desert Landscape" c.2004 Joseph Paul Carruthers oil on canvas 24" x 36"
small carved stone pottery jars
bracelet w/ Morning Star faustite $300
silver bracelet w/ Morning Star turquoise/faustite,fossil coral,carnelian,rhodochrosite, price: $350
drum made w/ aspen,deer hooves
deer hide, beads, horsehair,pouch w/various tools.elderberry flute ( private collection)